Hello World.


AIM Of Mine

This is MD Sabbir Hosen. Basically, I have not any specific work yet. That’s why I like to take the
challenge to something new.Actually, I am so interested in Computer Science Engineering(CSE).
But, I can’t it from any educational institute. Because I haven't any chance to fulfill my desire.
But, I am not given up. Really, I love technology so much. Because Technolgy is power.
I am still trying to touch my dream by learning all of the CSE objects from the internet.
And now I am writing a post on the blog just like a part of my dream.
I have told that I can take the challenge.
Taking the challenge to complete our daily tasks is a great way to reach our goal.
That’s why I like to complete all of my targets via setup a challenge.
Now I am learning just basic of


I am not learning this for any job or make my carrier. This is my hobby though it was my AIM.
I will try to learn programming language after complete web development.
Now I have the AIM that I will complete my life through a lot of skill.
Because Knowledge is power. I want to be self-educated.
I don’t care about any educational certificate I am just familiar with skills.
That’s why I want to achieve as far as possible skills.
It’s not possible to finish writing about my mentality. That’s why I need to leave.
Bye no more today.Goodbye.
Don’t quite.
-... -... ...


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