How to hard reset any android device?

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  • What does a hard reset do?
  • How to unlock any android device?
  • How to wipe data of any device?
  • How to find the factory reset process of any device?
  • How do I do a master reset on a phone?

Sometimes we forget our mobile credentials & can't access to our device. It's a common problem in our technical life. If you don't know how to hard reset(also called factory reset) to restore the device default you have to pay money to near your mechanical shop. In this case, you can wipe all of your stored data on your phone include password, pattern, pin & all security. Sorry to say you will lose all of your data saved on your phone. But, you will get back access over your android device.

What is Hard Reset?
According to the definition from Wikipedia - A factory reset, also known as master reset, is a software restore of an electronic device to its original system state by erasing all of the information stored on the device in an attempt to restore the device to its original manufacturer settings.

How to hard Hard Reset my phone?
Hard Reset process is different for the various phone. You can find the perfect method to hard reset your device by following the article. So let's start. Not only a smartphone, but you can also hard reset any device which accepts factory rest following the post. In this case, am going to hard reset an android device.Go to & enter your mobile name & model after that select smartphone from the dropdown menu beside the search box & click on search. The results of your query will look like that.
search results

Now just select your desired device & boom. You can now hard reset your device by following the tutorial provided by only hard reset but also a lot of things you can check there such as soft reset, hidden mode, framework change/update, driver, device information & many tricks & tips including a video tutorial.
Don't lose patience. After completing the progress it could take a long time to depend on your device. One more thing is that nowadays in some devices after hard reset can ask you about your previous logged google account. If you can't login to the old account your phone will be FRP(Factory Reset Protection) locked. Be careful & try to keep back up from next time.
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