How to use Linux without mouse by Android over lan?

In our daily technical life, it's could happen our computer mouse corrupted & we can't take perfect advantage of our devices. You can find a lot of applications on the internet to fix the problem for your window. But for Linux, it's difficult to set up a virtual mouse environment. Let's fix the problem by droidmote.

What is Droidmote?
According to the official description, DroidMote is an app that let you control Android, Linux, Windows and Chrome OS devices. With your phone you can control apps and games that support all kind of interactions: gamepad, mouse and keyboard or touch actions. With an hardware gamepad instead you can control multi touch games and games that requires mouse and keyboard. With the DroidMote KMredirect add-on you can control multi touch games and games with gamepad support with mouse and keyboard.

What are the requirements?
  • An Android phone.
  • Wireless for LAN connection.
  • Some time includes your mindset.

How to setup droidmote?
In this case, we are going to set up a remote mouse for Kali Linux. If you want to to the same thing with other device like windows.You can check the official website for necessary program package & setup tutorial.Your phone & Linux must be connected in the same network. We have to put some commands manually by typing in the terminal to install the droidmote server in Linux. To open terminal type CTR+ALT+T & for batter code executing experience you can give root permission by type sudo su in the terminal. We don't have any mouse emulator yet. That's why enter the command by the keyboard.

curl -Ls | sudo sh

It will look like that.
Starting droidmote server.
In my case it's already running that's why giving small error. One more great feature is that it will still work after boot. The second step set-up the droidmote client app on Android by install.

Open the droidmote app. Which welcome interface is like this.
Droidmote the home screen
Now click on the mouse icon in the center of the screen. After that click on search. You will see the local IP address & name of your machine like that.
Droidmote server list
Just click over the name & boom. You are now connected. Move your finger on the droidmote screen & see it's working as a mouse. To long-press anywhere for drag & drop just hold your finger over the screen. Click on the right button of the mouse by a tap on the 3 line nav icon on the right side. You can get more functions by checking the right side such as scroll, keyboard & much more in the bottom. If you face any problem feel free to comment below. Notice if we made any mistake.
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