How to create multi-ISO bootable USB drive by ventoy on linux & windows?

It is annoying and time-consuming to have to re-format the Pendrive repeatedly to boot a new os. We can't use the Pendrive to store any other file which we made bootable & can't load a new iso file to boot on our computer without canceling the old one. But after the process, we can boot multiple OS at a time & keep our documents at the same Pendrive along with iso using a program called Ventoy.

ventoy boot
Ventoy in the boot menu

Your Query?

  • How to make multi-iso bootable Pendrive?
  • How to store files in a bootable Pendrive?
  • How to boot a new os without formating the Pendrive?
  • What is the technique to create easily a multi-iso bootable pendrive?

What is Ventoy?

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO files. With ventoy, you don't need to format the disk again and again, you just need to copy the iso file to the USB drive and boot it. You can copy many iso files at a time and ventoy will give you a boot menu to select them (screenshot). Both Legacy BIOS and UEFI are supported in the same way. 260+ ISO files are tested.

Features of Ventoy?

  1. 100% open source.
  2. Simple to use.
  3. Fast (limited only by the speed of copying iso file).
  4. Directly boot from iso file, no extraction needed.
  5. Legacy + UEFI supported in the same way.
  6. UEFI Secure Boot supported (1.0.07+).
  7. Persistence supported (1.0.11+).
  8. WIM files boot supported (Legacy + UEFI) (1.0.12+).
  9. Auto installation supported (1.0.09+).
  10. ISO files larger than 4GB supported.
  11. Native boot menu style for Legacy & UEFI
  12. Most type of OS supported, 260+ iso files tested.
  13. Not only boot but also complete installation process.
  14. ISO files can be listed in List mode/TreeView mode.
  15. "Ventoy Compatible" concept.
  16. Plugin Framework.
  17. Readonly to USB drive during boot.
  18. USB normal use unaffected.
  19. Data nondestructive during version upgrade.
  20. No need to update Ventoy when a new distro is released.
  • (description & feature allocated from ventoy official website.)

How to make multi-ISO bootable Pendrive?

On Windows.

In windows, you can do it easily whatever you are using windows 7 to the latest one. Just download the zip archive from Github.Now unzip the file by Winrar or any other application. You will find an app called Ventoy2Disk.exe.It's high time to make your Pendrive multi-iso bootable that's why plugin your Pendrive on your computer. At last, run Ventoy2Disk.exe select your Pendrive & click on install. Wait a while & boom.

ventoy in window
ventoy in window

You are ready to use your multi-iso bootable Pendrive just copy your iso file & boot.

On Linux.

Let's start with my kali Linux operating system.

First, download the ventoy-1.0.12-linux.tar.gz.

Second, extract the file anywhere according to your convenience.

Third open Linux terminal & type sudo su .It could prompt you to enter the root password. If you use a password enter this for root permission. After that go to the directory where you extracted the file. Now we have to set execution permission of script to do that type

chmod +x

The script is now ready to run type.


Everything is ok if you see the script ran successfully like that.

Now we have to select the Pendrive to make multi-iso bootable by the ventoy script. Plugin your Pendrive in the computer & search app called GParted or type gparted on kali terminal.After opening GParted find the Pendrive from the right drop-down menu.

pendrive on gparted
Pendrive on GPrted

In my case, it's /dev/sdc . Mind it any mistake can damage your hard-drive.

Now give the following command & permit twice by type y.

./ -I /dev/sdc

(change /dev/sdc as your Pendrive such as /dev/sdb or /dev/sda /dev/xxx).

You will see a congrats message mean now it's ready to use.

Ventoy2Disk success message
Success message of ventoy

You can store a lot iso file as you want & you will get the option to chose it later. Now you have to just copy & paste the iso file of your os & boot the Pendrive from bios setup. Finally, you will see something like the first image & choose your os to install. Not only ventoy installation i am also tried to boot kali from the Pendrive it's work perfectly.You can see in the image I loaded it from the ventoy installed Pendrive to install.

kali from ventoy pendrive
Loaded kali from ventoy Pendrive

Let me know to modify by posting your comments if I did something wrong. Stay with us & humanity...

-... -... ...


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